Managing Members

The member management section allows you to create and manage existing members.

Clicking on the 'Add New' option will lead to the member creation page.

Here you can define the details of the member as well as their login details. You can also optionally select the groups the member will belong to. If you add the member to a group(s), by default they will be added as ordinary group members.
Once you click 'Save', the member's account will be created. They will also receive an email that gives them their login details.
Clicking on the 'View All' menu option will lead to the page listing all the members, group members and administrators of the application. The Actions button for each member allows you to view or edit the member while the Contact button allows you to compose an email to them.

The Export button enables you generate a csv file listing all the displayed members. Note that if you filter members based on groups and/or a search term, the exported CSV file will only contain members that match your filtering criteria.

Importing Members

You can import multiple new members at once into the system using the 'Import' menu option.
Clicking the option will show the following interface:

You can import members from a CSV file. The File must be formatted in a specific manager. Please click on the 'Download a sample file here' link to get a sample file you can modify.
You can also select groups that your imported members will belong to. Note that each member is identified uniquely on the system by their email addresses. So if the email address of an entry in your csv file already has a corresponding member, that entry will be skipped. However, if you select groups, the entry will be added to the group.
Once you import members, the system will send each successfully created account and email informing them that an account has been created for them. The email will also contain their login details. A random password will be generated for each member which they can change after logging in.

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