GForce comes with a powerful resource sharing system. This system allows files to be securely shared among group members. Group Admins and members can upload resources. However, there is an option for each group to disable members from uploading resources if needed. Each download can contain multiple files.

Clicking on the 'View Download' page, displays all the available downloads. This page is visible to both group admins and members. It shows when a download was added, who created it, the name of the download and how many files belong to the download. Clicing on the green 'Download' button downloads all the files in a zip file. Clicking on the 'View button opens a page that displays all the individual files in the download and the description of the download.
To create a new download, click on the 'Upload Files' menu option.
The 'Manage Files' menu option leads to a page for managing the downloads of the group. If the user is a Group Admin, they will be able to manage all files for that group. If the user is only a member, they will only be able to manage files they created.
This interface is only available when a user is logged into a group.

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