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24 Apr, 2024

As the saying goes, 'no man is an island.' The same principle applies to running successful fundraising events. It takes a team of dedicated volunteers to make an event a success. However, managing a team of volunteers can be a daunting task. Coordinating schedules, assigning tasks, and sharing resources can quickly become overwhelming without the right tools.

That's where GForce, a web-based volunteer management system, comes in. GForce offers a unique portal that simplifies the process of managing volunteers, making fundraising events a breeze.

Efficient Group and Membership Management

One of the key features of GForce is its robust group and membership management system. With GForce, you can easily create and organize groups of volunteers based on their skills, interests, or availability. This allows for better communication and targeted task assignments.

GForce also provides a comprehensive membership management system. You can easily track and update volunteer information, such as contact details, availability, and areas of expertise. This ensures that you always have an up-to-date list of volunteers and can quickly find the right people for each task.

Streamlined Event Roster and Task Scheduling

Keeping track of volunteers' availability and assigning tasks can be a logistical nightmare. GForce simplifies this process with its event roster and task scheduling features. You can create an event roster and easily assign volunteers to different shifts and tasks. GForce also allows you to send out automatic reminders to volunteers, ensuring that everyone is on the same page.

In addition, GForce offers a task scheduling feature that allows you to create and assign specific tasks to volunteers. This ensures that each volunteer knows exactly what they need to do and when.

Resource Sharing and Announcements

GForce makes it easy to share resources and important information with volunteers. You can upload and store documents, files, and other resources within the system, making them easily accessible to your team. GForce also allows you to send announcements and updates to volunteers, ensuring that everyone is well-informed and up-to-date.

Birthday and Anniversary Reminders

Recognizing and celebrating your volunteers' milestones is essential for fostering a positive and supportive environment. GForce makes it easy to keep track of volunteers' birthdays and anniversaries with its built-in reminder system. You can set up automated reminders and send personalized messages to make each volunteer feel appreciated.

Internal Messaging and Forums

Effective communication is crucial for any team. GForce provides an internal messaging system that allows volunteers and administrators to communicate directly within the platform. This eliminates the need for external email threads or messaging apps, streamlining communication and ensuring that important information is easily accessible to everyone.

In addition to the internal messaging system, GForce also offers forums where volunteers can connect, share ideas, and ask questions. This creates a sense of community and provides a platform for volunteers to support and learn from one another.

Web and Mobile App Support

GForce is accessible both through a web portal and a mobile app, making it convenient for volunteers and administrators to access the system from anywhere. The web portal provides a comprehensive and user-friendly interface for managing volunteers and events, while the mobile app allows volunteers to view their schedules, receive reminders, and communicate with the team on the go.

The GForce mobile app is available on both iOS and Android, ensuring that volunteers can easily access the system, regardless of their device preference.


Managing a team of volunteers can be challenging, but with GForce, it doesn't have to be. This web-based volunteer management system offers a range of features that simplify the process of managing volunteers, from efficient group and membership management to streamlined event roster and task scheduling. With GForce, you can easily communicate, share resources, and keep track of birthdays and anniversaries. The web and mobile app support also make it convenient for both volunteers and administrators to access the system from anywhere.

So, if you want to make your fundraising events a success, give GForce a try. Say goodbye to the stress of volunteer management and hello to efficient and organized teamwork.


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