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30 Jun, 2022

It is common for volunteer groups to celebrate birthdays and wedding anniversaries of their members. This stimulates a sense of community within the group and thus encourages more inclusion and participation.

However, managing this can be a tedious task as the group coordinator needs to continually remember the dates of these celebrations or manually setup reminders for each member. There is also the burden of having to collect the dates from each member and keeping the record updated as new members join.

GForce takes away all of the hassles mentioned above. We do this by

1. Dates of birth and optional wedding dates are submitted by each user during registration. This feature can be enabled or disabled by the portal administrator. This enables users to view the birthdays and wedding anniversaries of a user when viewing their profile. In addition to this, group administrators can see the current age of a member.

2. Automated notifications are sent out in the morning of each users birthday or wedding anniversary. The notifications are sent via push notification on the mobile app and via email. Notifications are sent to all members of each group the user belongs to.

With these features, group admins no longer need to bother about forgetting a members birthday or wedding anniversary!


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