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07 Sep, 2023

In today's fast-paced world, traditional methods of volunteer onboarding are becoming less effective. With the rise of remote work and the increasing reliance on technology, organizations are now looking for innovative ways to engage and onboard volunteers virtually. That's where GForce comes in.

GForce is a web-based volunteer management system that offers a unique portal for organizations to manage volunteers efficiently and effectively. With its comprehensive features, GForce simplifies the process of virtual volunteer onboarding, allowing organizations to adapt to the new norm of remote engagement.

1. Unique Portal

GForce provides organizations with a unique portal that serves as a centralized hub for volunteer management. Through this portal, organizations can easily create and manage volunteer profiles, track volunteer hours, and communicate with volunteers. The unique portal also allows volunteers to access important resources and information, making the onboarding process seamless and efficient.

2. Groups and Membership Management

GForce enables organizations to create and manage volunteer groups, allowing for targeted communication and streamlined coordination. Organizations can easily assign tasks and responsibilities to specific groups, ensuring efficient management of volunteers. Additionally, GForce provides membership management features, allowing organizations to track membership status and send automated renewal reminders.

3. Event Roster and Task Scheduling

One of the key features of GForce is its event roster and task scheduling functionality. Organizations can easily create events and assign volunteers to specific tasks and shifts. Volunteers can then access their assigned tasks through the GForce portal or mobile app and receive reminders and notifications to ensure they are well-prepared. This feature enables seamless coordination and ensures all tasks are completed successfully.

4. Resource Sharing

GForce offers a resource sharing platform where organizations can upload and share important documents, training materials, and other resources with volunteers. This allows volunteers to access relevant information and materials necessary for their roles without the need for physical documents or in-person orientation sessions. It streamlines the onboarding process and ensures volunteers have everything they need to perform their tasks effectively.

5. Announcements, Birthday, and Anniversary Reminders

GForce includes features to keep volunteers engaged and connected. Organizations can send announcements and updates to all volunteers through the portal or mobile app, ensuring they are well-informed about important information and events. Additionally, GForce provides birthday and anniversary reminders, allowing organizations to show appreciation and celebrate milestones with their volunteers.

6. Internal Messaging and Forums

To facilitate communication and collaboration among volunteers, GForce offers internal messaging and forums. Volunteers can engage in discussions, ask questions, and share ideas through the GForce portal or mobile app. This feature creates a sense of community among volunteers and allows for knowledge sharing and support.

7. Web and Mobile App Support on iOS and Android

GForce is accessible through both web and mobile app platforms, making it convenient for volunteers to access important information and tasks anytime, anywhere. The mobile app is available for both iOS and Android devices, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of devices. This accessibility enhances the overall volunteer experience and encourages active participation.


GForce offers a comprehensive solution for virtual volunteer onboarding, enabling organizations to adapt to the changing landscape of remote engagement. With its unique portal, groups and membership management, event roster and task scheduling, resource sharing, announcements, internal messaging, forums, and web and mobile app support, GForce streamlines the volunteer management process and enhances the volunteer experience. If you want to effectively engage and onboard volunteers remotely, GForce is the answer.


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