Volunteer Management Software

Grow & manage your volunteer workforce the easy way!

GForce is an easy to use Volunteer Management Software that lets you grow and manage your volunteer workforce! Perfect for Churches, NGOs, Political Organizations and more!

FeaturesPowerful Features For Your Volunteer Teams!

Group & Membership Management

Easily create and manage groups. Assign members and group admins. Receive and review applications for group membership.

Event Roster & Task Scheduling

Group admins can plan activities for volunteers for upcoming events. Members can be grouped into teams for easy messaging and planing

Resource Sharing

Members can easily create downloads to share resources with other members.

Internal Messaging System

All users can send messages internally. The system has a local inbox and sent messages folder. Attachments are supported.

Group Forums

Each group has a forum and group members can create multiple topics.

Mobile & Web

Get a dedicated portal accessible on the web and our Android & iOS mobile app.

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New unified dashboard

We have just upgraded the web app to have a unified dashboard on the landing page. Now, when users are logged in, they can see Events/Shifts, Announcements, and Forum topics from all groups they belong to. They can also see their most recent messages...

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How to Identify a Good Volunteer

Volunteering is an important aspect of community service, and having dedicated and reliable volunteers can make all the difference in the success of a cause. However, finding the right volunteers can be challenging. In this blog post, we'll discuss s...

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Key Strategies for Effective and Efficient Volunteer Engagement

Volunteer management is a crucial aspect of any organization that relies on volunteers to achieve its goals and objectives. Whether you are a nonprofit organization, a community group, or a charity, engaging and retaining volunteers is essential to t...

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